Chicago Fire Season 11

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Countdown To Chicago Fire Season 11 - Release Date

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A new image from Chicago Fire season 11 has been released, and it shows what happened to Kelly Severide following the cliffhanger that ended season 10.

The first Chicago-based show produced by NBC has concluded its first decade of production and will launch its second decade in September 2022, when it will make its return to television alongside all of the other Chicago franchise shows.

Because of this, Firehouse 51 and its members will have more stories to tell, both as a group and on an individual basis.

In the conclusion of the tenth season of Chicago Fire, Severide and his long-term love Stella Kidd finally got engaged and married.

This came after a number of ups and downs in their relationship. This provided the members of Firehouse 51 with a reason to rejoice.

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