Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead 1991

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Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991

Sue Ellen “Swell” Crandell, who recently graduated from high school in Los Angeles and is now 17 years old, does not have enough money to travel with her pals to Europe during the summer. In the upcoming academic year, she intends to enroll in college classes.

Swell is looking forward to a summer of freedom with her siblings Kenny, Zach, Melissa (along with her tri-colored Cardigan Welsh Corgi Elvis), and Walter after their mother leaves for a trip to Australia with her boyfriend. Swell’s mother is divorced, and she is going on a trip with her boyfriend.

Swell’s mother employs a live-in babysitter named Mrs. Sturak, and much to Swell’s dismay, Mrs. Sturak convinces Mrs. Crandell that she is capable of taking care of all five of her children. Mrs. Sturak is an apparently sweet and humble old woman. As soon as Mrs. Crandell leaves, Mrs. Sturak reveals herself to be the merciless tyrant that she truly is, which causes the children’s ire almost immediately. However, she soon dies in her sleep. Following Swell’s discovery of the body, the children become concerned that their mother would hold them responsible for the incident if they report it to the authorities.

They come to an agreement that they will place Mrs. Sturak’s body in a trunk and deliver it to a local funeral home along with a note that reads “Nice Old Lady Inside, Died of Natural Causes.” However, they will keep Mrs. Sturak’s vehicle. They find out that the money for the summer that their mother had given to Mrs. Sturak is in an envelope and then discover that the envelope is empty, leading them to the conclusion that Mrs. Sturak had the money with her when they brought the body to the funeral home.

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