Felicity (1998)

The first episode of the series takes place at Felicity’s high school graduation, during which she approaches Ben Covington, a fellow student and the object of her affection, and asks him to sign her yearbook. She is profoundly affected by his remark that he wished they had spent more time getting to know each other, and as a result, she decides to entirely alter her educational plans by moving to New York with Ben rather than enrolling in the pre-med program at Stanford University.

Because they are worried about their daughter’s seemingly hasty choice, Felicity’s controlling parents travel to New York in an effort to get their daughter to go back to their house and “get back on track.” Felicity has some second thoughts about her choice, but she eventually comes to the realization that she didn’t just come to follow Ben; she came to find out who she really is on the inside.

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