33 Movies Like I'm Not a Killer (2019)

Francesco Prencipe, Deputy Police Superintendent, is on his way to see his best friend, Judge Giovanni Mastropaolo, whom he hasn’t seen in over two years. Prencipe hasn’t seen Mastropaolo in almost two years. Francesco was the last person to see the judge alive before he was discovered dead the following morning.

Similar Movies to I’m Not a Killer (2019)


1. The Wrong Man (1956)

The legendary director Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance in the movie and assures the audience that "every word is accurate."At the Stork Club in New York City, a musician by the name of Christopher Emanuel "Manny" Balestrero, played by Henry Fonda, is having trouble making ends meet and needs $300 for dental work for his wife Rose (Vera Miles). When he goes to the office of a life insurance firm to borrow money against Rose's policy, the employees there…


2. Grudge (2021)

After being in line for a promotion due to his arrest of a gang in Istanbul, the Captain of the Police is set by someone who apparently harbors resentment toward him regarding one of his previous cases. This sets him back in his career, which had been on track for a promotion. Chief Inspector Harun is going to celebrate with the rest of his team after he has been given the most prestigious award in his field. Harun, self-assured in…


3. Red Corner (1997)

Jack Moore, a prosperous American businessman played by Richard Gere, is currently on a business trip in China, where he is attempting to negotiate a satellite communications contract with the Chinese government as part of a joint venture. Moore is framed for the death of a powerful Chinese general's daughter before the agreement can be concluded, and the satellite contract is instead awarded to Moore's competitor, Gerhardt Hoffman. This occurs before the deal can be finalized (Ulrich Matschoss). Moore's court-appointed…


4. Veil (2017)

The missing man's black sheep sister and his closest buddy unearth a mysterious village that has been covering up a string of murders and disappearances dating back years. Similar Movies to Veil (2017)


5. Brazen (2022)

Grace disregards the advice of a detective known for keeping a level head and becomes engaged in the investigation after the murder of her sister and the exposure of her secret existence as a webcam actress. After completing a rigorous book tour, bestselling mystery author Grace McCabe (Alyssa Milano) decides to pay a visit to her sister Kathleen, who is engaged in a contentious custody fight following the dissolution of her marriage. Grace is taken aback when she visits Kathleen…


6. Thelma and Louise (1991)

The story revolves mostly around two principal characters: Dr. Judah Rosenthal, an experienced and well-respected ophthalmologist, and Clifford Stern, a documentary filmmaker whose degree of achievement is on the lower end of the spectrum. An affair occurs between Dolores Paley, a flight attendant, and Judah, a well-respected family man from an affluent home. When it becomes clear to Dolores that Judah will not end his marriage, she threatens to notify Miriam, Judah's wife, about the affair. Dolores is angry that…


7. Stillwater (2021)

Bill Baker, a roughneck from Stillwater, Oklahoma, travels to Marseille, in the south of France, to see his daughter Allison, who is five years into a nine-year sentence and is currently incarcerated there. Allison was found guilty of murdering her roommate and unfaithful girlfriend Lina in Marseille, where she was attending university at the time of the crime. Allison requests that Bill deliver a letter to her defense attorney, Mrs. Leparq, after their initial meeting together. Bill agrees to do…


8. Mamma Mia! (2008)

On the fictitious island of Kalokairi in Greece, the bride-to-be, Sophie Sheridan, confides in her bridesmaids that she has invited three men to her wedding without informing her mother, Donna. She says that she did this because she thought her mother would disapprove. They are the three menβ€”an Irish-American architect named Sam Carmichael, a Swedish travel writer named Bill Anderson, and a British banker named Harry Brightβ€”with whom her mother had sexual relations during the 25 days that coincided with…


9. Grey Lady (2017)

James Doyle, a homicide detective in Boston, and Maggie Wynn, his partner, and girlfriend, are called by their commander and alerted of a 911 call made by a woman claiming to be stalked by a man addressing her as Deirdre (the name of Doyle's sister who was murdered weeks earlier). Doyle and Wynn rush to the scene and discover it is a trap. Doyle's sister was murdered weeks earlier. Wynn is stabbed in the back by the lady who made…


10. The Thin Blue Line (1998)

A film that persuasively argues that an individual in Dallas County, Texas, was wrongfully convicted of murder due to the corrupt nature of the local court system. In his groundbreaking documentary, Errol Morris recreates the murder scene and investigation of a Dallas, Texas, police officer in a way that is both realistic and dramatic. In a nutshell, a wayfarer by the name of Randall Adams ran out of petrol and was picked up by a runaway teenager of the same…


11. Intrigo: Dear Agnes (2019)

What is the value of human life? How is it even remotely feasible for a woman like Agnes to consent to the murder of another living being? Is it because of the money? Or are there additional factors that contribute to this result? A funeral. A young widow with two of her children now in their adult years. Agnes is attending the funeral for her much older husband, and the buried children are not hers but rather his. Agnes is…


12. Awakening the Zodiac (2017)

After more than 40 years have passed since the notorious Zodiac killer terrorized residents of San Francisco and the surrounding areas, three people happen upon home movies depicting some of the killer's murders. After that, they got to work trying to find him. The plot revolves around a couple who are down on their luck and stumble upon the film reels of a serial killer. They make the decision to break the law themselves, putting everything on the line for…


13. Murder Unresolved (2016)

A woman is being investigated as the primary suspect in the unsolved case of her anchorwoman sister's death by drowning. Similar Movies to Murder Unresolved (2016)


14. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

The plot focuses on two main characters: Dr. Judah Rosenthal, an accomplished and well-respected ophthalmologist, and Clifford Stern, a documentary filmmaker with a more modest level of achievement. Dolores Paley, a flight attendant, is having an affair with Judah, a respected family man who comes from an upper-class background. Dolores threatens to tell Miriam, Judah's wife, about the affair after it becomes apparent to her that Judah will not terminate his marriage. Miriam is married to Judah. In addition to…


15. Too Late to Say Goodbye (2009)

Jenn Corbin, the wife of Bart Corbin, was found dead in the couple's residence, and the police believe her death to be a suicide. While he is settling in with his young sons Taylor and Trevor at her brother Bobby's house, her sister Heather begins a dogged campaign, despite the fact that she has no evidence to support her claims, to convince the authorities that Bart must have been the one who murdered her and had an affair with the…


16. The Confessions (2016)

A summit of the G8 is currently taking place in Germany's Mecklenburg state at the five-star Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm on the Baltic shore. The most influential economists in the world have assembled for the purpose of passing significant legislation that will have a significant impact on the economy of the entire planet. Daniel RochΓ©, the director of the International Monetary Fund, is the one who extended an invitation to a mysterious Italian priest who is also one of the…


17. Mulholland Drive (2001)

An automobile accident on Mulholland Drive, a twisting route located high in the Hollywood Hills, left only one person alive: a black-haired woman. She is shaken up and injured when she makes her way down to Los Angeles and sneaks into an apartment. Betty Elms, an aspiring actress, comes later that morning to the flat that her Aunt Ruth ordinarily occupies. The discovery of the woman, who has amnesia and calls herself "Rita" after seeing a poster for the film…


18. Synonyms (2019)

Anita "Needy" Lesnicki, who was formerly a self-conscious and studious adolescent living in the little town of Devil's Kettle, Minnesota, is now a violent mental inmate who narrates the story as a flashback while she is being held in solitary confinement. Despite the fact that Needy and Jennifer Check, a popular cheerleader, have never had much in common, Needy and Jennifer Check have been great friends since childhood. On a certain evening, Jennifer brings Needy along with her to a…


19. Brokedown Palace (1999)

After graduating from high school, lifelong best friends Alice Marano and Darlene Davis take a trip together, but they give their parents the assumption that they are traveling to the state of Hawaii. After analyzing the costs associated with both locations, Alice convinces Darlene that they should visit Thailand rather than the other country. Darlene gives her assent, albeit reluctantly at this point. After arriving in Thailand, they were introduced to an intriguing Australian man who went by the name…


20. The Secret of Hidden Lake (2006)

When Maggie Dolan (Rena Sofer), a young lady who works at a legal aid clinic in Chicago, receives the unexpected news that her father, Frank Dolan (Winston Rekert), has been hurt while hunting, she is understandably distraught. After that, Maggie travels back to the town she grew up in, which is located in Colorado, to be at her father's side. She finds out that her father's injury was not the result of an accident when she is there. Maggie's safety…


21. Return To Paradise (1998)

In a picture taken in paradise in Malaysia, three good friends named Lewis McBride, Sheriff, and Tony can be seen having a wonderful time. Their exploits include being nearly struck by a car while riding a bicycle and being persuaded by locals in Malaysia to purchase some rhinoceros horns from them. In addition to that, they buy a substantial quantity of hash from a drug dealer. The three men find themselves back at their beachfront home on the ocean, where…


22. Who Killed Cock Robin (2017)

The tale of an aspiring journalist who is anxiously pursuing an accident that has been ignored for quite some time. When the only survivor of the accident goes missing all of a sudden, he discovers that nothing is as it seems, and the unfathomable darkness of the truth will torment him for the rest of his life. Similar Movies to Who Killed Cock Robin (2017)


23. Hollow in the Land (2017)

A woman with a rough background sets out on a journey to find her brother who has gone missing. His family is suffering the consequences of having a name associated with a legendary criminal as he continues to serve time for the crime he committed. At this altitude, the mountains are filled with evil blood. A body was discovered in a nearby trailer park exactly one year after the incident involving Keith. When Brandon, Keith's kid, goes missing, Keith immediately…


24. The Weekend Away

A woman's weekend trip to Croatia swings from relaxing to terrifying when she is arrested for the murder of her best friend. She is working hard to clear her name and find the truth, but in the process, she has uncovered a heartbreaking family secret. Two of the best friends in the world, Kate and Beth, have triumphed over individual challenges, and regardless of what else life may throw at them, they always look forward to their yearly weekend getaway.…


25. Wild Indian (2021)

In the first scene of the film, a Native American man who is infected with smallpox goes hunting in the woods while, back at home, his wife is passing away. In the year 1988, Makwa Gi-Zheng is a young Ojibwe boy who lives in Wisconsin. His sole friend is his cousin Teddy, despite the fact that he gets ridiculed at school and abused by his father. Makwa develops feelings for a girl, but James is the one who gets the…


26. The American Side (2016)

In the wake of a puzzling death by suicide that took place at Niagara Falls, a low-rent detective uncovers a plot to manufacture a revolutionary invention conceived of by the enigmatic physicist Nikola Tesla. Similar Movies to The American Side (2016)


27. Swallow, Cat, Rose, Death (2006)

What else is there to call it if not murder? MΓΌnster discovers the body of a young woman who had been strangled in her home and then surprises the person who committed the murder, who was still present at the scene. Even though the killer managed to get away, a rare book was discovered at the crime scene with a dedication written in it by the murderer. After the discovery of a second victim, Van Veeteren's literary knowledge is put…


28. Midnight Express (1978)

In the year 1970, American college student Billy Hayes is on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, when he straps two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of hashish bricks to his chest. Billy is detained by Turkish law enforcement who are on heightened alert for the possibility of a terrorist strike just as he and his fiancΓ©e are ready to board a plane to return to the United States. Billy is subjected to a strip search and then taken into custody. A mysterious American,…


29. A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich, Kiele Sanchez, and Steve Zahn star in the 2009 American thriller film A Perfect Getaway, which was written and directed by David Twohy. Twohy also penned the screenplay for the film. Olyphant, Jovovich, Sanchez, and Zahn play the roles of a group of couples who are on vacation in Hawaii. Their lives are put in jeopardy when homicides start happening on the island, which leads to questions being asked about whether or not one of the…


30. Gone Girl

When he and Amy Dunne celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne shares the news that Amy has vanished. Nick's picture of a happy union starts to fall apart as the authorities begin to pressure him and the media becomes increasingly hysterical. Soon, everyone will be asking the same troubling question due to his lies, deceits, and strange behavior: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? Similar Movies To Gone Girl


31. The Fugitive 1993

When Dr. Richard Kimble, a prominent vascular surgeon in Chicago, returns home, he discovers that his wife, Helen, has been fatally harmed by a guy who has a prosthetic arm. Kimble engages in a fight with the murderer, who eventually runs away. Kimble was wrongfully arrested because there was no evidence of a forced entrance, Helen's substantial life insurance policy, and a misunderstanding 911 call. This happened when the police refused to trust Kimble's account of who the culprit was.…


32. Side Effects

Emily Taylor suffers from severe depression, complete with emotional outbursts and multiple attempts to end her life, despite being reunited with her husband after being released from prison. Emily can kill her husband while in a "sleepwalking" state because of the side effects of an experimental new medication called Ablixa, which her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks, eventually prescribes for her after consulting with her former physician. However, the drug's name is an anagram for "Alexa." The case appears to be finished…