Countdown To Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris - Release Date

Remaining Time

A collaboration between the House of Dior and the Harris family resulted in the production of a video with the working title Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. The plot of the movie revolves around a widowed housekeeper who lives in London in the 1950s and who, after seeing a couture garment made by Dior, comes to the conclusion that she absolutely, positively, and positively needs to acquire one of those garments for herself. The movie depicts the story of this character. Then, after she has to toil tirelessly, beg, and gamble in order to save up enough money to follow her ambition, she travels on a journey to Paris, which will not only transform her viewpoint but will also affect the very course that the House of Dior would take in the years to come. She decides to embark on the vacation once she has amassed sufficient funds in her savings account.