16 Movies Like Oxygen

A woman comes to as she is being held within an airtight medical cryogenic unit, where she finds out that she is confined and that the oxygen levels in the unit are rapidly decreasing. As a result of suffering from memory loss, she is unable to recall either who she is or how she arrived at this location.

She is helped by a highly developed artificial intelligence that goes by the moniker M.I.L.O. (Medical Interface Liaison Officer), but it will not unlock the cryo unit unless it is given an administrator code.

Similar Movies to Oxygen


1. Morgan

The corporation SynSect, which specializes in genetic engineering, refers to Lee Weathers as a "risk-management specialist." She travels to a remote location where the L-9 project is being housed, which is an artificial being called Morgan that has nanotechnology-infused synthetic DNA. The "hybrid biological organism with the capacity for autonomous decision making and sophisticated emotional responses" is smarter than humans and matures quickly, walking and talking within a month and physically resembling a teenager despite being five years old. This…


2. Wifelike

Meredith, the artificial human who has been sent to be a friend to William while he is going through his grief, is programmed to act in the same manner as William's late wife. However, in the struggle to put an end to the abuse of AI, one organization is attempting to disrupt her programming. Similar Movies to Wifelike  


3. Tau

A young woman named Julia is known to commit thefts in shady nightclubs. She is taken from her house, and when she comes to, she is in a detention facility wearing a bright implant in the base of her neck. There are also two other participants present. She destroys the cell and the adjacent lab in an attempt to escape after being subjected to repeated psychological torture at the hands of a man named Alex. A robot dubbed Aries, controlled…


4. Supernova

The story of Supernova follows the crew of the medical ship Nightingale 229 as they perform a search-and-rescue mission in deep space at the beginning of the 22nd century. The crew consists of six people: captain and pilot A.J. Marley, co-pilot Nick Vanzant, medical officer Kaela Evers, medical technician Yeezy Penalosa, search-and-rescue paramedic Danika Lund, and computer technician Benjamin Sotomayor. They are more than 3,000 light-years away from the ice mining operation on Titan 37 when they get an emergency…


5. Extinction

Peter, an engineer, has recurrent nightmares in which he and everyone he knows suffer through violent, alien invasion–like encounters with an unseen adversary. In these nightmares, the adversary is unknown. Because of this, he has a tense relationship with his wife, Alice, as well as with his children, Hanna and Lucy. He goes to a clinic in an effort to get psychiatric therapy, but while he is there, he meets another patient who admits that he is seeing the same…


6. Eagle Eye

Jerry Shaw, who had dropped out of Stanford University, received the news in January 2009 that his identical twin brother Ethan, who had been serving as an officer in the United States Air Force, had been killed in action. After the burial, Jerry returns home to find to his astonishment that he has a bank account containing $750,000 and that his apartment is loaded with illegal weaponry and equipment for manufacturing bombs. He gets a call from a woman who…


7. Zone 414

Around 20 years before the novel's events, solar flares irradiate the Earth, leading to the death of more than 99% of the world's inhabitants. To aid in the reconstruction process and function in the dangerous environment, the survivors cluster in a network of safe communities where they develop primitive humanoid robots known as Pilgrims. These robots are designed to help with the process of reconstruction. These robots are constrained by two protocols that cannot be altered in any way, the…


8. Mother/Android

Georgia Olsen will, at some time in the future, learn that she is expecting a child on the evening of Christmas Eve. Sam Hoth, the man she has been dating and the father of her kid, has proposed to her. Georgia, on the other hand, is unsure about both the relationship and her desire to become a mother. This uncertainty extends to both of these things. She makes the decision not to tell her parents about it. Georgia attends a…


9. Automata

Solar flares irradiate the Earth approximately 20 years before the events of the novel, resulting in the death of more than 99% of the world's population. The survivors congregate in a network of secure settlements where they construct primitive humanoid robots known as Pilgrims to assist in the process of reconstruction and function in the hostile environment. These robots are bound by two protocols that cannot be altered in any way: first, they are unable to cause harm to any…


10. Transcendence

Will Caster, sometimes known as Dr. Caster, is a researcher who studies the phenomenon of intelligence, including artificial intelligence. He believes that the creation of a sentient computer will lead to a technological singularity, which he refers to as "transcendence." He and his team are now working on the creation of such a computer. Evelyn, who is also a scientist and lends a hand to her husband in his profession, is his spouse. Will is killed by a polonium-laced bullet…


11. Passengers

The Avalon is a sleeper ship that is making the 120-year trip from Earth to the planet Homestead II. On board, there are 5,000 colonists and 258 crew members who are hibernating in their own pods. A collision with an asteroid causes damage to the ship despite its protection systems after only 30 years, which leads to a malfunction that awakens the ship's mechanical engineer, James "Jim" Preston, 90 years too early. After spending a year alone, the only person…


12. I Am Mother

An automated bunker that is designed to repopulate humanity after an extinction event becomes operational after the event occurs. Over the course of several years, a human embryo is cultivated by a robot dubbed Mother (Rose Byrne), who is also responsible for her care. The mother believes that she needs more experience as a decent parent before having any more children. After a period of approximately 38 years, a young woman by the name of Daughter (Clara Rugaard) tends to…


13. Chappie

The robots group of automated law enforcers known as the Scouts, which are state-of-the-art creations of the good-natured engineer Deon Wilson, have managed to clean up the streets of a crime-ridden near-future Johannesburg, minimising the number of police officer casualties in the process. However, when the criminal trio of Yo-Landi, Amerika, and Ninja kidnap Deon with the intention of turning off the powerful droids, they end up with Scout #22 instead, which is a mangled robot destined for destruction. Now,…


14. The Machine

In the near future, the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense (MoD) is on the brink of constructing the world's first artificially intelligent robotic soldier. This takes place at a time when the global economy is in shambles and the United Kingdom is engaged in a new cold war with China. However, despite its human-like appearance and voice and appearance, the robot has incredible power, speed, and agility. When the time comes when the military project is getting near to being…


15. Blade Runner 2049

Bioengineered humans, also known as replicants, will be used as slave labor in 2049. The Nexus-9 replicant, known only as K (short for his serial number, KD6-3.7), is employed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as a "blade runner," an officer who hunts and "retires" (kills) other replicants who have gone rogue. He puts the Nexus-8 replicant Sapper Morton out of commission and discovers a box buried beneath a tree on the protein farm owned by Morton. It was…


16. Ex Machina

Caleb Smith, a programmer who works for the industry-leading search engine business Blue Book, becomes victorious in an office competition to win a trip for one week to the lavish and secluded house of the company's CEO, Nathan Bateman. Nathan lives in a contemporary house that is located close to a waterfall and some hills. He lives alone himself with the exception of a maid named Kyoko, who, according to Nathan, is unable to speak English. Nathan tells Caleb, after…