The Player

Griffin Mill, an executive at a Hollywood studio, is currently seeing Bonnie Sherow, a story editor. He listens to screenwriters present their ideas for stories and assesses which ones have the potential to be turned into movies, giving the go-ahead to only 12 of the 50,000 entries that are received each year. When up-and-coming story executive Larry Levy started working at the studio, his position was immediately put in jeopardy. In addition, Mill has been receiving death threat postcards, which are presumed to be from a scriptwriter whose idea he turned down.


David Kahane’s fiancée June Gudmundsdottir reveals to Mill that Kahane is currently seeing a screening of “Bicycle Thieves” at the Rialto Theater in Pasadena. Mill comes to the conclusion that the irate author is David Kahane based on this information. In the hopes that this will put an end to Kahane’s threats, Mill acts as if he recognizes Kahane in the lobby and makes him an offer for a scriptwriting agreement.


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