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Immediately after helping his brother, Rama, knock down his superior in the last film, Jakarta gang head Andi is kidnapped and executed by another criminal, Bejo. While everything is going on, Rama introduces his crooked supervisor, Lieutenant Wahyu, to Lieutenant Bunawar, who is in charge of an internal investigation unit.

Bunawar immediately has Wahyu killed under the pretense of keeping Rama safe from other corrupt police officers, and he asks Rama to go undercover as a criminal in order to expose police chief Reza’s corrupt dealings with the Bangun and Goto crime syndicates. Wahyu’s death was carried out under the pretense of keeping Rama safe from other corrupt police officers.

Rama first declines, but after learning of Andi’s passing, he changes his mind and decides to carry out the mission in order to exact revenge for the loss of his brother. Rama defeats the politician’s son who is responsible for placing the crime boss Bangun’s ambitious son Uco in prison by using the aka “Yuda.” As a result of Rama’s actions, the politician’s son is arrested, and Rama is placed in the same prison as Uco.

While Uco is incarcerated, Rama earns Uco’s trust by preventing a violent riot that was meant to cover up an assassination attempt. This saves Uco’s life. After Uco’s release from prison two years later, Bangun employs Rama to work alongside him. At the same time, Bangun hires hitman Prakoso to eliminate one of his competitors.

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