The School for Good and Evil

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Talha Sajjad

Countdown To The School for Good and Evil - Release Date

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Sophie had spent her entire life looking forward to the day that the School Master would kidnap her and take her away to be taught at The School for Good and Evil so that she may one day become a fairytale hero. Sophie had been waiting for this day since she was a little child. Agatha, who is disliked by many people because she is believed to be a witch, is not ready to give up her one and only friend, Sophie. She must prevent Sophie from fleeing, which ultimately results in Agatha following her. Many people believe Agatha to be a witch, which is one of the reasons why many people dislike her. As the two are carried away into the dark and mysterious world of Fairytales, they come to the realization that their destinies have been exchanged, which causes Sophie a great deal of consternation. This is a location where secrets that might lead to one’s own demise are held. They come to the conclusion that the only way to escape the perilous world is by traveling via a fable. Because of this finding, they are left with no other choice.


Countdown To The School for Good and Evil - Release Date<br>


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