Countdown To This Much I Know To Be True - Release Date

Remaining Time

This Much I Know to Be True is a documentary about Australian artists Nick Cave and Warren Ellis that focuses on their collaborative creative process. It includes the band’s first live renditions of songs from their most recent two studio albums, namely Ghosteen and Carnage. The shoot took place in the spring of 2021, prior to the band’s trip to the UK. Singers and a string quartet are providing accompaniment for Cave and Ellis throughout their performance. In addition, Marianne Faithfull, who has been a close friend and colleague of Cave’s for many years, makes a cameo in the film.

Interludes that go into the origins of the music and the ideas it conveys are interspersed throughout its performances of it. The Red Hand Files is a website that Cave uses to react to questions that have been submitted by fans, and the video also covers the process of Cave authoring these files. A trip to Cave’s workshop, where he is currently creating a series of porcelain sculptures representing the life of the devil, is also included in this experience.