Countdown To Three Thousand Years of Longing - Release Date

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During a journey to Istanbul, a solitary scholar meets a Djinn who makes a deal with her in which she can grant him three wishes in return for setting him free. Tilda Swinton plays the role of Dr. Alithea Binnie, an academic who is at peace with her existence and a creature of reason. She was in Istanbul to attend a conference when she had the chance to meet with a Djinn, played by Idris Elba, who offered her three wishes in exchange for granting him his freedom.

This raises two issues for consideration. First, she has her suspicions about whether or not he is genuine, and second, as a student of mythology and folklore, she is well aware of all the cautionary tales about wishes that have backfired in the past. The Djinn attempts to convince her of his innocence by regaling her with fascinating tales from his past. In the end, she gives in to his charms and makes a wish that takes them both by surprise.