Countdown To DC League of Super-Pets - Release Date

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Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best buddies who fight crime in Metropolis side by side and share the same superpowers. Krypto and Superman are inseparable. Both Krypto and Superman are referred to as the Man of Steel by their fans. In the case that Superman is kidnapped, Krypto will need to develop his own skills in order to be able to take part in an effort to free him.

When Lex Luthor takes the Justice League hostage, Krypto, Superman’s dog, gathers together a group of animals from a local shelter and bestows their newfound abilities upon them. This group of heroes is comprised of a dog named Ace who develops superhuman levels of strength, a pig named PB who has the ability to balloon to enormous proportions, a turtle named Merton who develops incredible levels of speed, and a squirrel named Chip who develops electrical abilities.