Countdown To DELIA'S GONE - Release Date

Time Left

Louis (Stephen James), who has an intellectual impairment and lives with his elder sister Delia (Genelle Williams) in the midst of her struggles with addiction following the loss of their father, is the protagonist of the film Delia’s Gone. Stephen James also plays Louis. Delia’s truck is discovered to have been abandoned in a bar after a night of drinking, which raises the suspicions of the local sheriff (played by Marisa Tomei), who soon learns that Delia has been murdered.

All of the evidence points to Louis, who, after being coerced by the police into entering a guilty plea, is found responsible for his sister’s death and sentenced to five years in jail for it. Following his release from prison, Louis is placed in a home care facility, where he is visited by Stacker (Travis Fimmel), one of the men who was present during Delia’s final moments of life. Stacker gives the impression that there is more to Delia’s death than initially appears to be the case. Louis, now equipped with this fresh knowledge, sneaks out of the facility and sets out on a personal mission to determine who is to blame for the unexplained death of Delia.