22 Movies Like Million Dollar Baby

Maggie Fitzgerald, a waitress from the Ozarks, makes an appearance at the Hit Pit, an abandoned gym in Los Angeles that is owned and maintained by Frankie Dunn. It was recently discovered that Dunn, a cantankerous Irish-American trainer, had a strained relationship with his own daughter. Maggie approaches Frankie with the request to be trained by him, but he declines since he does not train women and she is too old to begin a career in boxing at this point in her life.

Maggie is encouraged and assisted by Eddie “Scrap-Iron” Dupris, who works for Frankie and is also Frankie’s friend. The narrator of the movie. After growing restless with Frankie’s refusal to accept offers for a title battle, Frankie’s prize prospect, “Big Willie” Little, enters a management deal with Mickey Mack, a successful boxing manager. After some hesitation, Frankie finally gives up and agrees to instruct Maggie. Maggie receives coaching from Frankie, who helps her advance in the ranks of the women’s amateur boxing division.

Similar Movies to Million Dollar Baby


1. shadow boxing 3. the final round

After four years, boxing champion Artyom Kolchin has accomplished everything that could be accomplished and has become a national hero. He no longer competes in the ring, opting instead to focus on coaching and maintaining an active social life, which includes making frequent television appearances, attending parties, and getting involved in intrigues. At home in the mornings, he is joined by his daughter Pauline and his wife Vika. However, his wife no longer sees the Artyom in him with whom…


2. Born a Champion

Mickey Kelley, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and one of the first Americans to earn a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, finds himself torn away from all he loves in order to compete in an unofficial mixed martial arts competition. Similar Movies to Born a Champion


3. Rocky II

Apollo Creed, the reigning world heavyweight boxing champion, successfully defended his title on the first day of the New Year in 1976 against Rocky Balboa, the challenger. The fight was decided by a split decision. Both he and Rocky are sent to the same medical facility. Apollo challenges Rocky once more to prove that Rocky's ability to go the distance with him was just a fluke, but Rocky declines the challenge and decides to end his career as a professional…


4. Brothers

The action jumps right into the middle of the conflict, which takes place on the streets of Mumbai. Peter Braganza, the head of the sports committee, has the goal of turning street fighting into a legitimate sport, and he decides to launch a league called Right 2 Fight (R2F). During this time, the incarcerated Garson "Gary" Fernandes, who is currently undergoing therapy for his addiction to alcohol and was a former expert in MMA, is finally released from his sentence,…


5. Embattled (2020)

Cash Boykins (Stephen Dorff), who had been raised by a violent father, left his family after the birth of his second son who was diagnosed with Williams syndrome. While he built a successful career as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter over the years by channeling his anger into the octagon, his eldest son Jett (Darren Mann), who becomes the caregiver to his younger brother Quinn (Colin McKenna), also makes the decision to become a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.…


6. Redbelt

Mike Terry, a martial arts instructor, is approached by attorney Laura Black one evening while he is at his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu studio. Laura tells Mike that she accidentally sideswiped his car. One of Mike's students, Policeman Joe Collins, notices that Laura is upset and makes an attempt to take her coat. After being startled, she grabs Joe's gun, which then discharges, shattering the front window of the studio. Mike and Joe have come to an agreement to keep the event…


7. From Mexico with Love

Hector Villa is a teenage boxer who is a Mexican national and works as a migrant who crosses the border. His boxing skills are similar to those of his deceased father. If he could learn to think clearly in addition to his physical training, he might become quite useful. Hector is a diligent worker on a farm in Texas who does everything he can to provide for his sick mother. This includes earning a few extra bucks on the side…


8. Bloodsport

Captain Frank Dux of the United States Army has received instruction in the arts of ninjutsu from his sensei, Senzo Tanaka. Dux and a group of his childhood friends broke into Tanaka's house when he was a young boy to steal a katana. However, Dux was caught while putting the katana back where it belonged. As a result of being impressed by Dux's honesty and tenacity, Senzo decided to train him alongside his son, Shingo. Following Shingo's passing, Senzo initiates…


9. Lionheart

Lyon Gaultier is a member of the French Foreign Legion and is now serving in Djibouti, which is located in East Africa. Lyon receives a letter from his sister-in-law HΓ©lΓ¨ne urging him to come to see his dying brother, who has been crying his name in agony, after his brother, who resides in Los Angeles and was put on fire following a drug deal gone bad. Lyon's brother was set on fire after a failed drug sale. Lyon makes a…


10. Never Back Down

Ake Tyler, along with his mother Margret and younger brother Charlie, who is on the verge of becoming a tennis star, has recently relocated from Iowa to Orlando, Florida. The move was made in order to further Charlie's tennis career. The fact that his father was killed in a car accident caused by drunk driving is something that other students in his class make fun of. Because of a video that was uploaded to the internet of him when he…


11. Southpaw

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Billy "The Great" Hope, a professional boxer currently the reigning champion in the Light Heavyweight division. He has a won-loss record of 42-0, an Orthodox stance, and resides in New York City with his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) and their only daughter Leila. Maureen is portrayed by Rachel McAdams (Oona Laurence). During Billy's fight at Madison Square Garden against Darius Jones (Cedric D. Jones), Maureen is terrified as he gets a series of brutal…


12. Jungleland (2019)

A skilled former professional boxer named Walter "Lion" Kaminski and his brother Stanley Kaminski, who is an ex-convict and Lion's idealistic manager, both work in a sewing factory doing menial labor. Stanley Kaminski is Lion's manager. The two individuals spend their nights squatting in a run-down house in the ghettos of Fall River, Massachusetts, with their greyhound, Ash. During the day, they compete in underground boxing contests. Stanley owes a local gangster known as "Pepper" $2,000, and in order to…


13. Boyka: Undisputed IV

The events of the prior film take place a number of months before the beginning of this movie. The talented martial artist Yuri Boyka is now a free man and is represented by Kiril, his manager. He continues to compete in underground battles in Kyiv, which are held in Ukraine. During the duel, Boyka inadvertently ends the life of his opponent, Viktor. He starts to second-guess his decision and wonders why he is putting up such a battle. After learning…


14. Kingdom

A former mixed martial arts fighter turned trainer must balance the needs of his family with those of his mixed martial arts gym in order to succeed. The owners of Navy Street Gym, Alvey and Lisa, are having trouble keeping the business solvent. Their best chance lies with Nate, Alvey's son, who is a promising young boxer. Jay, who is Alvey's other son, has fallen out of favor with his paternal figure. When Lisa's ex-boyfriend and former mixed martial arts…


15. Creed

Adonis "Donnie" Johnson, the son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed via an extramarital affair, is serving time in a Los Angeles youth detention center in the year 1998 when Creed's widow, Mary Anne, pays a visit and offers to take him in. Johnson was born while Creed was married to another woman. In the year 2015, Donnie is in Tijuana, Mexico, getting ready for an amateur boxing match that will be held in a local bar. Donnie decides to…


16. The Fighter

Micky Ward is a welterweight boxer who hails from Lowell, Massachusetts, in the United States. Micky became a "stepping stone" for other boxers to defeat on their way up the ranks thanks to the management of his mother, Alice Ward, and the training he received from his older half-brother, Dicky Eklund. Dicky, a former boxer whose greatest achievement was going the distance with Sugar Ray Leonard in 1978, has developed an addiction to crack cocaine. Dicky's career high point was…


17. Rocky

Apollo Creed, the reigning heavyweight boxing world champion, made the announcement in 1975 that he planned to fight for the championship in Philadelphia during the forthcoming United States Bicentennial celebration. On the other side, five weeks before the bout was planned to take place, he was notified that his intended adversary, Mac Lee Green, would not be able to compete due to a hand injury. Creed makes the decision to spice up the situation by offering a local challenger the…


18. Fighting

Shawn MacArthur, played by Channing Tatum, is a modern-day New York City street hustler. One day, as Shawn was selling counterfeit products at the corner of Radio City Music Hall, a gang of young men approached him and attempted to coerce him into moving his merchandise elsewhere. Harvey Borden employs these young men, a ticket scalper played by Terrence Howard, who has control of the corner. Shawn successfully drives them off, but he cannot keep his money or his merchandise.…


19. Blood and Bone

Isaiah Bone (Michael Jai White), a highly accomplished martial artist and former marine, relocates to Los Angeles shortly after being released from prison. In Los Angeles, underground battles are being held. One night, after watching a match involving the local champion Hammerman, Bone makes a deal with promoter Pinball to get him into the fight scene in exchange for 20% of his earnings; 40% if Pinball puts his own money on the line. Bone agrees to this deal after watching…


20. Here Comes the Boom

Scott Voss, 42 years old and a former Division I collegiate wrestler, is currently a biology teacher at Wilkinson High School where he is both bored and disillusioned with his job.Β  Because of the reduction in the school's available funds, the continuation of the music program at the school is in jeopardy, which could lead to the dismissal of Marty Streb, the program's instructor. Scott makes an effort to raise the necessary $48,000 in order to maintain the music program…


21. Creed II

In 2018, three years after his defeat to "Pretty" Ricky Conlan,[a] Adonis "Donnie" Creed, with his trainer Rocky Balboa by his side, has won six straight bouts, culminating in a victory over Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler to win the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. [a] Creed's victory over Wheeler earned him the title of WBC World Heavyweight Champion. [b] [C]reed was accompanied by Donnie, who is now a celebrity known all over the world, who makes a marriage proposal to his girlfriend,…


22. Warrior

Tommy Riordan, a member of the United States Marine Corps, pays a visit to his father, Paddy Conlon, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Paddy Conlon is sober and has recommitted himself to his Catholic faith. Because Paddy was an abusive alcoholic when Tommy was a boy, he was forced to flee from him with his dying mother, and Tommy has never forgiven him for what he did to them. Paddy makes several attempts to persuade him that he has evolved, but they…