Countdown To The Gray Man - Release Date

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After the most competent operator in the CIA, whose actual identity is unknown to anybody, accidentally discovers dark agency secrets, a psychopath’s former coworker places a reward on his death, which triggers a global search by assassins from throughout the world. No one knows the actual identity of the most competent operator in the CIA.

Court Gentry, a former CIA agent who was also known by his code name Sierra Six, was once the most accomplished dealer of death for the organization. He had extensive training for his role. As of right now, Gentry is attempting to evade capture by the CIA, and agent Lloyd Hansen is hot on his tail. Gentry is presently on the run after he broke out of jail and was persuaded by his former manager, Donald Fitzroy, to join him in his criminal enterprise. In their efforts to bring Gentry to justice, Hansen and Agent Dani Miranda will stop at nothing in their pursuit of the criminal.