12 Movies Like Tom

Tom and Jerry are accidentally left behind in the moving van that Tom’s owners are using when they relocate to a new home. Tom gives chase to the van, but he is cornered by a bulldog and is forced to take cover in the abandoned home. The following morning, the old house was torn down to the ground, which resulted in both creatures becoming homeless. They searched the city for a place to stay until they came upon a stray dog named Puggsy and his flea buddy named Frankie. Tom and Jerry are obliged to become friends with one other in order for them to continue existing after they discover that they are both able to speak.

During the time that Tom and Jerry are out looking for food, Puggsy and Frankie are taken by dog catchers, and Tom is approached by a bunch of rowdy singing alley cats who continue to harass him until Jerry manages to corner them in the sewer. Soon after, Tom and Jerry come across Robyn Starling, an 8-year-old runaway girl who claims to have lost both her mother and father to an avalanche in Tibet while on an expedition. Robyn’s mother died when she was a baby, and her father is said to have perished in the avalanche.

Similar Movies to Tom


1. Sanctioning Evil

Sgt. Barnes is able to reintegrate himself into society after being discharged from the military thanks to the efforts of a charismatic politician who is implementing a clandestine operation to eradicate an underground criminal group. Staff Sergeant Reginald Barnes, played by Tobias Truvillion, is a distinguished war hero who, after four tours of duty, is given a dishonorable discharge after a soldier serving under his leadership commits an act of mutiny. Barnes is now on his own to put the…


2. The Loneliest Boy In The World

A young guy squares battle against his biggest adversary, which is his own ideas, as he is the last human on earth. Similar Movies to The Loneliest Boy In The World


3. Step by Step

Evelyn Smith, a secretary, is hired to work for Senator Remmy, whose name is also Remmy. She meets Johnny Christopher, a random person who was walking by and stopped to admire her one day when she was swimming. Johnny has just recently gotten back after serving his country in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He and his battle dog, Bazuka, try to get Evelyn's attention, and she responds with a smile before returning to Remmy's house. Johnny accidentally…


4. Iké Boys

Through their fascination with all things Japanese, best friends Shawn Gunderson and Vikram 'Vik' Kapoor are able to escape the monotony of their high school lives in Oklahoma. They first believe that all of their wildest dreams have come true when a mysterious anime film causes them to morph into the characters of the film who have superhuman abilities. But on New Year's Eve of 1999, when ancient creatures threaten to unleash the apocalypse, Shawn and Vik must look to…


5. Original Sin

"Original Sin" takes place in Cuba in the late 19th century, at the time that the country was under Spanish rule. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 2011-08-16. "Original Sin Movie Review," written by Anthony Leong. MediaCircus.net. Retrieved 2011-08-16. and jumps back and forth in time from the scene of a woman waiting to be executed while relating her story to a priest to the actual events of that story. [The scene] flashes back and forth between the two. A Cuban man named…


6. Playing It Cool

I (Chris Evans), a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, have his heart set on penning action movies, but his agency, Bryan (Anthony Mackie), insists that he first pen a romantic comedy. Because he has issues stemming from his mother's abandonment when he was a child, he doesn't let love in or believe in it, which makes it tough for him to write about romance. When he can't think of something to write, he walks around and talks to people, listening…


7. Project Legion

A young man who is unable to leave his apartment during the night and who is confronted by a horde of demons at his front door must find a method to survive the night and get out of apartment 213. Similar Movies to Project Legion


8. Guardians of Time

Four cousins make the startling discovery one day at the family manor that there is a doorway leading to a shadowy otherworld. They have to combat the Guardian of Time, as well as terrible forces and animals, in order to have any chance of escaping this uncovered world and returning home. The Kingdom of Keoherus is their current location. Similar Movies to Guardians of Time


9. Mantra

The film Mantra is set against the backdrop of a rapidly developing India in the first decade of the new century and depicts the story of a successful businessman named Kapil Kapoor and his family. Similar Movies to Mantra


10. Devil's Workshop

A struggling actor visits a female demonologist over the course of the weekend in order to prepare for an upcoming audition. Similar Movies to Devil's Workshop


11. Flirts

Danny, who is now 17 years old and awkward and underdeveloped, was shipped off by his parents to the all-male St. Albans boarding school in rural New South Wales, Australia, with the hope that he will not turn out to be a troublemaker. 1965 has passed since the last time Danny was involved in a romantic connection with a woman, which was quite some years ago (his former love, Freya, from The Year My Voice Broke, left him at the…


12. Singles

The romantic lives of a group of young members of Generation X living in Seattle, Washington at the height of the grunge wave in the 1990s is the primary focus of the television series Singles. The majority of the characters live in an apartment complex that has a sign in front of it advertising "Singles," which are apartments with only one bedroom and are available for rent. The narrative of the film is broken up into chapters, and its primary…