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Countdown To Wolf Creek 3 - Release Date

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This week at the Virtual Cannes Market, the developers of “Wolf Creek 3,” the most recent instalment in the “Wolf Creek” franchise, will pitch the project to potential investors.

The movie will also be distributed in the United Kingdom via Altitude.In the movie, a family from the United States goes on their ideal vacation to the outback of Australia, but they quickly attract the attention of a legendary serial murderer named Mick Taylor.

When the couple’s two children manage to flee, only to be pursued by Australia’s most notorious serial murderer, a nightmarish nightmare follows in its wake.

It has been confirmed that John Jarratt will return to the role of Mick Taylor. Rachele Wiggins will serve as the director, and Duncan Samarasinghe will write the screenplay.

Greg McLean, creator of Wolf Creek, will produce the film under the brand of Emu Creek Pictures, along with Bianca Martino (“The Darkness”) and Kristian Moliere (“The Babadook”).

Countdown To Wolf Creek 3 - Release Date<br>